Various kinds of works made by polymer clay, so-called "oven bake clay". The biggest advantage of this type of clay is that it does not dry under normal condition, so I do not have to care about time before baking a work in an oven. They are mostly used for smaller works.

シャチの壁掛け Wall-hanging Board


It describes 10 ecotypes of killer whales known in the world today. April 2018.

ピアス、ペンダントトップ各種 Earrings and Pendant Tops


Killer whales (normal color and albino), humpback whales (albino) and false killer whale. April 2018.

ストラップ各種 Whale Straps


Whale straps for art exhibition and for souvenirs of whale watching tours. Created between September 2017 to February 2018.

シャチのミニマグネット Killer Whale Magnets


Created as souvenirs of whale watching. October 2017.

ザトウクジラ・コククジラ・セミクジラ・シャチ Humpback whales, Grey whales, Right whale and Killer whales.


Mothers, calves and families of whales. Created as gifts for my friends. September 2017.

ピアスホルダー Earring Holders


You can hang your earrings on their "blows" made by flexible wires. August 2017.

フィギュアいろいろ Various Whale Figures


The most typical whale figures that I can make. Some are for souvenirs and others are gifts for my friends.

お箸置き Chopsticks Stands


Urethane clear coating makes them waterproof, perfect for chopsticks stands. June 2017.

ペンスタンド Pencil Holders


I happened to find some wooden pencil holders in a craft shop, so I added some whale figures to them. May 2017.

シャチのエコタイプ(生態型)集合 Killer Whale Ecotypes


There are 10 variations in ecotypes of killer whales as follows. October 2015.

ニタリクジラ Bryde's Whale


The Bryde's whale, also known as "tropical whale" is commonly found in Tosa Bay, Japan. October 2015. 

シャチ(タイプD)のマグネット Magnet of Orca Type-D



An orca ecotype know as Type-D, with only a few sightings in Antarctic waters. October 2015.

ミニチュアマグネット Miniatures with Magnets


ザトウクジラ、ジンベエザメ、イッカクの置物 Miniatures of Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks and Narwhales


One of the most popular targets in whale watching and diving, the humpback whales and whale sharks. It is one of my dreams to see narwhals in the wild, too. March 2015.

イロワケイルカ、ホッキョククジラの置物 Miniatures of Commerson's Dolphin and Bowhead Whale


Probably one of the most well-known and popular dolphins, the Commerson's dolphin. The Bowhead whale is also quite popular among whale watching fans in Japan, although they are hardly seen in the waters near Japan. February, 2015.

ニタリクジラ、ザトウクジラ、ジンベエザメのお箸置き Chopsticks Stands of Bryde's Whale, Humpback Whale and Whale Shark


Works requested by a friend of mine, which resulted in somewhat unique combination of 2 whales and 1 shark. February 2015.

ニタリクジラ Bryde's Whales



Bryde's whales are one of the most popular whales frequently found in the Tosa bay, Kochi prefecture. October 2014.

シャチファミリー Orca Family



A bull orca miniature which is about 13cm long. Probably the biggest model that I can make with oven bake clay. October 2014.

シャチの壁掛け時計 Orca Wall Clocks



Orca miniatures glued to an acrylic disc. 12 orcas consist of 10 ecotypes known in the world today, an albino bull found in Kamchatka sea and a calf. June 2014.

シャチのミニ置物&マグネット Orca Miniature & Magnet



One of the most popular works of mine. It is difficult to paint its distinct pattern when it is too small, and also to shape when it is too large, so this size (roughly 3 inches) is the best for me. June 2014.

イルカのドリームキャッチャー Dolphin Dream Catcher



It is a wedding gift for my friends. After all, dolphins are way more popular than orca or other whales. The colors are based on the costumes of the newlyweds. June 2014.

シャチのスプーン Orca Spoon



We can buy almost all cutlery at one dollar store now, giving me a good chance to customize them with whale design. May 2014.

シャチの温度計 Orca Thermometer



A thermometer bought at one dollar store has turned into something a little bit fancier. May 2014.

シャチとマッコウクジラのミニマグネット Miniature Magnet Orca and Sperm Whale



Small gifts for the memory of whale watching tours with friends. May 2014.

メモスタンド詰め合わせ Memo clips



From the top, killer whale, emperor penguin chick, narwhal, right whale, hourglass dolphin, beluga, Bryde's whale, Heaviside's dolphin, Dall's porpoise (truei-type). The body is separable into two parts so that they can hold small piece of paper. May 2014.

マグネット詰め合わせ Magnets



A series of oven-hardening clay miniature that poped up in my mind. From the top, bowhead whale, false killer whale, strap-toothed whale, killer whale, blue whale, sperm whale, basilosaus, pygmy killer whale, Dall's porpoise, killer whale (spyhopping), Commerson's dolphin and humpback whale. Tiny neodym magnet is glued to the one side of each model.

シャチとベルーガのストラップ Orca and Beluga Straps



The most popular whales in Canada, the orca and the beluga. It's amazing when I think about how different their bodies are although they share the same habitat of the Arctic region. January, 2013.

シャチのペンダントトップ Orca Pendant Top



Miniatures of orcas with small feathers attached under them. One is a single male, and the other is combination of a male, female and calf.

ピラルクとアマゾンカワイルカのペンダントトップ Pendant Tops of Pirarucu and Amazon River Dolphin



The memorial works of my trip to Ecuador. I can still clearly remember the scene of watching them in the true wild, which was so impressive.

三シャチ The Three Wise Orcas



The orca version of so-called "The Three Wise Monkeys of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil". The idea comes from the experience of finding the penguin version of this saying at a gift shop in Ushuaia, Argentina. It is funny that a friend of mine said, "The speak no evil orca should cover his melon, not his mouth!" September, 2012.

イシイルカのミニ置物 Dall's Porpoise Miniature



About 4cm. Although they are quite common in Alaskan waters and northern parts of Japan, it is very fun to watch their lively swimming ahead of the ship's bow. There are two types, Dalli-type and Truei-type, and this one is the former. June, 2012.

コククジラのメモスタンド&マグネット Gray Whale Memo Clip & Magnet



LEFT: About 5cm, a bit large for a polymer clay ornament. Note many barnacles (and whale lice) on the head and thick, broad pectral fins unique to its species. June, 2012.




RIGHT: About 2cm, a tiny spyhopping gray whale, with small magnet at the bottom. This whale is also a "right-hander", as it has less barnacles on the right side of its head. June, 2012.

シャチとコウテイペンギン(ヒナ)のミニチュア付きバターナイフ    Butter Knife with Miniatures of Orca and Emperor Penguin Chick



Miniatures of a male orca and an emperor penguin chick glued with epoxy to butter knives bought at a 100-yen shop. Very simple cutlery, but it would be fun to use. June, 2012.

アルビノシャチのペンダント Albino Orca Pendant



About 2cm, the motif comes from a male orca nicknamed "Iceberg", spotted off the coast of Kamchatka in Russia. As far as I can see from some photos, the orginal black body color is replaced by slightly yellowish white, and parts like eyepatches and lower jaw are pure snow-white. I do hope I can meet him in the wild some day.

シャチのメモクリップスタンド・お箸置き・マグネット・カードスタンド・ミニフィギュア / Orca Memo Clips, Chopsticks Stands, Magnets, Card Holder and Small O



Variety of works made in about 2 month from April to May 2012. The basic coloring is made by acrylic paint, covered with urethane clear coating. The shapes of eyepatches or dorsal fins differ from one another. It looks like Super Pod of polymer clay orcas!

マッコウクジラのメモクリップスタンド Sperm Whale Memo Clips



About 4cm, oven-hardening clay with urethane coating. One is a normal sperm whale, and the other is albino like "Moby Dick". To secure enough stability, they have lead sinkers inside their bodies. Huge head and wrinkles on skin is the major characteristics of a sperm whale. April, 2012.

コククジラのペンダントトップ Gray Whale Pendant Top



About 3cm, oven-hardening clay with acrylic coloring. The surface is coated with urethane clear. Note the mottled glay color, yellowish head covered with barnacles and parasites which is unique to this species. February, 2012.

シャチのマグネット(南極の4タイプ) Orca Magnets (4 Antarctic ecotypes)



The matarial is oven-hardening modelling clay with semi-gloss finish. Round-shaped magnets are glued on the back sides. They are the 4 ecotypes of orcas found in the Antarctic waters. From the top, Type-A, B, C and D. Type-D, in particular, has very unique head compared to common image of an orca. February, 2012.